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Quoth the Chao, "Evermore"...

...when it comes to info on Sonic Next Gen, that is!

Man, have I got a boatload of info for you! The English Next-Gen Sonic Site (which is all flash, by the way, but look less time to load than the Japanese one) has stuff about the story and characters, IN ENGLISH, thank you very much.

The Story (which is taken off the English site and is paraphrased by yours truly):

The crowds lined the beautiful canals of Soleanna and cheered wildly when the Princess Elise appeared for the Soleanna Sun Festival. Yet suddenly the skies were darkened by Dr.Eggman's great airship, and, as his robotic minions dropped to the ground, the princess clutched the blue Chaos Emerald that hung around her neck in fear.

So essentially, you saw this in the most recent Sonic Next Gen trailer (which, by the way, was FREAKING TAKEN OFF BY YOUTUBE, THOSE BEEP!).

Ahem. It continues like this:

Sonic apparenty knew Dr.Eggman was after the Flames of Disaster, and attempted to get there on time to stop him. He got there too late (WTF?! Did Eggman start a day early or something?! Was Sonic on the other side of the world?!), and was planning his next move, while, unknown to him, a certain psychic Hedgehog was watching him. This same telepathic hedgehog, named Silver, believes that Sonic will one day destroy his planet (again, WTF?), and as come back in time to stop him.

Yep, it's psychotic. But, WAIT! It gets better!

The few that know about the Flames of Disaster are sworn to secrecy as they saw the dark side of its awesome power ten years earlier in a top-secret lab in Soleanna (yep, it always has to turn out that way, doesn't it? I mean, Shadow the Hedgehog, Mewtwo, and now an "awesome power"! Maybe I should invest in a top-secret lab...). The disaster critically wounded Elise's father, and, right before he died, he begged his daughter never to cry, for her tears and despair are the keys to the Flames of Disaster (see where this is going?). Dr.Eggman, being the evil, power-hungry dictator he is, eventually heard of this (perhaps through a traitor?), and went to Soleanna to kidnap the princess.

Pretty insane, even for a Sonic game, especially after the insane atrocity that was Shadow the Hedgehog's plot (Aliens...and alien hedgehogs. *pokes Shadow* Yep, he's part alien.).

Alright, now onto...

The Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog - Somehow, this guy, who's the Fastest Thing Alive, the Blue Blur, etc., gets to Soleanna too late to save Princess Elise from Eggman. After Elise's Chaos Emerald falls from the airship and is retrieved by Sonic, the speedy hedgehog goes to save Elise...however, he is being watched by a psychic hedgehog named Silver.

Blaze the Cat - Blaze? Blaze! BLAAAAAAZZZZE!!!!!!! *cough* Introduced in Sonic Rush as a fire-wielding princess from another dimention that protects that dimention's Chaos Emerald equivalent, the Sol Emeralds, she's back, now as a QUEEN. Since she was teased about her kick-ass power as a little one (explain that one to me. If someone started teasing me for a power like that, I'd set them on fire), she wears a cape (currently absent) to hide and conceal this ability. She is *the* most kick-ass female character in Sonic history.

E-123 Omega - Like our favorite blue blur, Sonic, this robot-of-doom also got a few tweaks to his design, making him look more realistic and kick-ass (though, this guy will NEVER beat E-102 Gamma when it comes to coolness and storyline). As implied by his codename, Omega, he is the most powerful of the E-series bots (psh. E-101 Beta Mark 2 pwns this guy. He freaking HOVERS.), until Eggman, for no apparent reason, sealed him in a room with a stasis capsule containing Shadow the Hedgehog. After being released by Rouge, he went on a rampage, destroying all of Eggman's other robots after vowing to take revenge on his creator (like I said, E-102's story pwns this guy's).

Rouge the Bat - If you even WHISPER the word "jewels", she'll go nuts. A seriously obsessed treasure hunter who is also a spy for the government, she's a female character that, in my opinion, was created solely for sex appeal (seriously, look at the way she dresses! And her new English voice makes her sound like a hooker. Not that I know what a hooker sounds like.). No one knows if she's in Soleanna on an assignment or to "acquire" some jewels.

Amy Rose - Known as "Rosy the Rascal" in early times, she's an insane, mallet-wielding staker rapist in more recent games (seriously, watch the Sonic Heroes Team Sonic vs. Team Rose cutscene sometime. Yeesh.). She wasn't always like that, though (see: Sonic CD and Sonic Adventures 1 & 2). Of course, she's after Sonic, and will most likely be VERY pissed off that Sonic and Elise have an *cough* "attraction" to one other.

Knuckles the Anteater Echidna - He was first introduced as a mischievious villain in Sonic 3, but has now turned into more of a sidekick (see: the image linked to on here). He protects the Master Emerald on Angel Island, has superstrength, is easily tricked, and is stubborn and, most recently, extremely aggressive. He's also Yugi (of Yu-Gi-Oh! fame) in disguise. [/4Kids voice joke]

Miles "Tails" Prower - Sega really botched his age in this one. Supposedly, this two-tailed genius is eight, though the site clearly states that "his mechanical wizardry has helped Sonic dismantle Dr. Eggman's evil schemes for over 15 years". Seriously, Sega, WTF? Oh, and his high-pitched voice can shatter windows, though not as efficiently as Cream's.

Dr.Ivo Robotnik (now known as Dr.Eggman) - This mad "genius" has two names, thanks to the American and Japanese regions. "Dr.Robotnik" was his name everywhere outside of Japan, while "Dr.Eggman" was his name in kooky Japan. Anyways, I'll say it right now: he's FUGLY. Sega completely overhauled his design so he looked more evil rather than completely hilarious (he's lost 200 pounds now). Oh, and his boobs are bigger than mine. Anyways, this is the guy who unwittingly kidnaps Princess Elise.

Princess Elise - A 17-year-old princess (she doesn't look 17, does she?) who, after a disaster in a top-secret lab, became the holder of the Flames of Disaster, which is triggered by her despair. The people of Soleanna are happy and flourishing under her rule, so it kinda sucks that she was captured by an insane terrorist named Dr.Eggman.

Shadow the Hedgehog - A deus-ex-hedgehog (it's stated on the site that HE CANNOT DIE. WTF?!?!?!) who is apparently part alien (which is why he has his Chaos powers) and was originally created as a dark doppelganger for Sonic. He runs on hover shoes and has become a lot more emo since his introduction, much to the dismay of the "SA2 Shadow" fans. Like Rouge, he's working for the government. According to the Japanese site, his main villain in this game is a mysterious crystalline hedgehog named Mephilles.

Silver the Hedgehog - Sexy hedgehog (though not as much as Sonic) alert! This psychic hedgehog, who lives years in the future and ON ANOTHER PLANET (so, we have ANOTHER alien hedgehog), witnesses the beginning of a cataclysm that will wipe out all of its inhabitants (all of which psychic, believe it or not). As a result, he goes back in time to stop the "Iblis Trigger", whom he thinks is Sonic.
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Sonic Next Gen Update #2

Yep, more Sonic Next-Gen info.

First off, the next gen Demo has appeared on the Xbox Live Marketplace. People who have played it state that the controls take some getting used to, and that the camera's still a pain, though it has been noticeably improved.

Second off, the Japanese Sonic Next Gen Site has been updated, this time with info on Tails. As usual, the site's hard as hell to load, so I put made more screenies. Oh, and there's a "zoom" feature on the small pictures, so, not only do I have Tails screenies, I've got new screenies on the old characters! I put the "first" batch of old pictures (as in, say, "Sonic 1", "Shadow 1", "Silver 1", etc.) in case you forgot what the characters look like.

(and, no, these are not the official picture titles. I made these up for comic relief.)

Updated Character Menu With Tails in it
Main Sonic Picture
Is that a mischievious glint in his eyes?
Sonic > Robots
Why ride on roller coasters when you can run sideways?
So fast it hurts
Main Shadow Picture
Staring far off in the distance
Preparing a Chaos attack
Attack of the lame vehicles
Red Shadow versus blue Mephiles
Main Silver Picture
Sexy psychic hedgehog
Bulletproof mind shield
Superman's got nothing on Silver
Glowing, floating hedgehog OMG
Main Elise Picture
Elise waving to the people after lighting the fire shrine
Damn, they were right when they said that Sonic would be huge
Pretty eyes
Main Tails Picture
The first picture that revealed Tails was playable
Ish that a crab bot?
Fly like an eagle
Wow, an empty capsule

Can you say "sick graphics"? And "I'm running out of bandwidth because of all these pics"?

I can read some of that Katakana now beneath the listed English names. Freaky.


On a different note, I managed to get to a Toys R Us and get a LEGIT MEW. Freaking awesome!

I still pwn j00!


In other news, the freaking Sega of America forums have been down since yesterday. I want my video game chat, dammit!


In MORE news, I remade my Metroid lookup. The buttons on the sidebar are now translucent, the images in the sidebar are different, the top banner has been remade, the blog image has been remade, and I added a glow around the Neopets images and erased all of the excess white in them. And I finally figured out how to keep the text in the blog from going into italics.
And I watched the Danny Phantom opening theme twenty times.
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And the 'Hogs Come Marching In!

A new Sonic Next Gen trailer has been unveiled. More cutscenes, better music, and *le gasp* SHADOW RUNNING ON HIS SHOES! YES!

There's also a couple scenes at the end that kinda shows that, yes, Sonic and the princess will be in a relationship, along with some nice music in the background.

I swear, if this game's great, I'll probably buy a 360 just to play it.


And in other news, Neocolours has a new "Other Games" forum that covers everything from rival petsite Subeta to console games like Metroid Prime 2. And there are 2 new Poogles and a Chocolate Usul that's...actually GOOD. Two wrongs make a right, eh?
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What the BLEEP?!

So, here I was, searching for titles to songs I heard on the radio so that, one day, I could buy them off iTunes and listen to them on my computer, commercial free. Since I know some lyrics, I went to to put in the lyrics and find the artist and title of the song that the lyrics were in. Well, I was having a particulary hard time finding System of a Down lyrics (not surprising, considering all the songs I've heard make little to no sense). So, since I wasn't getting any search results by typing in what I thought was the lyrics, I typed in the artist name (which brings up a list of songs done by that artist), attempting to find a title that had the lyrics I've heard before (that way I knew what song it was, and add it to my list) and came across this little gem:

Apparently, System of a Down made a song about the Legend of Zelda video game.

I'm not kidding. There's even mention of Link and Ganon in it.

Hence, the title of this post: WTF?!

...oh, and the music group that appeared in a music video in the middle of the Snakes on a Plane credits, called Cobra Starship, actually exists, along with their song "Snakes on a Plane".
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Transparent Wand of Reality

Jack Thompson is going to be ALL OVER THIS.

"Tyrone Spellman, 25, Faces Murder Charges And Others

PHILADELPHIA -- A 25-year-old North Philadelphia man has been charged with killing his young daughter.

The mother said 17-month-old Alayiah was violently punched by Tyrone Spellman over a Playstation video game.

"My baby is gone at the hands of her father," Mia Turman said tearfully. "I have to put her in the ground, I shouldn't have to do this."

As the 21-year-old took a nap inside their row-home on the 1500 block of 29th Street, Turman left Alayiah in the care of Spellman, who also goes by the name Anwar Salahuddin.

Turman said that when she woke, "I asked why my baby not breathing. He says, 'She's breathing.' Her eyes were closed."

Turman phoned police around noon. Medics responded and took Alayiah to Temple University Hospital, where the little girl was pronounced dead at 12:37 p.m.

Police arrested Spellman, who lives on the 1500 block of North 29th Street, over the weekend.

He was charged with murder, endangering the welfare of a child and possessing an instrument of crime.

A medical examiner performed an autopsy on the child.

"His confession was she pulled the cords in the game, the system is -- the box itself -- fell, and he was upset and then responsible for paying for the game, so he hit her in her face twice," Turman said, adding that Spellman also allegedly slung the child over a chair.

Eight-months pregnant with another baby girl, Turman was struggling with how to cope. She said she fell in love with a man who had never been violent before, and she wanted to know what would possess someone to kill a child.

"You can't give me a good enough answer to say why you would kill your baby," Turman said.

The couple's second baby will be born with her dad charged with killing the sister she never met.

"I do not understand this. I will never understand this," Turman said.

NBC 10 reporter Deanna Durante said a note on the door of the North Philadelphia row-home Monday night said not to judge Spellman because he would never hurt a child."

What the hell has this idiot been smoking?!
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Transparent Metroid

A Double Header! Metroid Prime 3 News and why I'm a Hypocrite!


...but I'm not crying in a corner yet.

(there's also a GameSpot article, too, but I don't have a link)

Apparently, there's a new "expert" control scheme that works a lot like the "keyboard and mouse" set up that PC First-Person Shooters have (and, as we all know, PC FPS are THE FPSs), which is good for accuracy when it comes to moving and shooting enemies at the same time.

But, the best thing ever is...

Metroid Prime 3 Video: Federation Ship Walkthrough (11 mins long, people)

Two words: HALO KILLER.

After watching this, this...this game is going to be so wonderful...*sniff*'s so INTENSE. It's so ATMOSPHERIC. It's so AWESOME that the 11-minute video blew the previous Metroid Primes COMBINED out of the WATER.

Metroid Prime 3 for the win, baby!





The crap that happens when you click on a link in a person's sig that says "BEST DANNY PHANTOM VIDEO EVER!!!!" out of curiosity. Then, in classic Domino fashion, you click again. And again. And again.

Yes, Danny Phantom.

Let's just say I have a burning hatred for just about anything Nickelodeon (though Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius was good; the show that came after it SUCKED, with a capital "S"), and constantly rat on my sisters about it (yes, I have 2 flesh eating Chao sisters). Danny Phantom is a show on Nickelodeon. How the hell I am becoming attracted and utterly fascinated by it is beyond me.

Maybe the fact that it has VIOLENT GHOST BATTLES (as seen in the above video), somewhat more realistic anatomy, if you will (compare: This with This [and, yes, both TV shows are made by the same people]), and a 14-year-old hero that, WHOMG, acts like he's 14. And is insanely cute.

HOLY CRAP, did *I* just say that?!

God damn it, I've watched that same video numerous times, REPEATEDLY. Kill me now, oh great godly Samus, NOW.
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The Europeans Are NOT Happy. >:( Sonic is, though.

After the announcement of Sony delaying Europe's PS3 launch to March while America and Japan have launches in November last week (though, the U.S and Japan aren't doing that well, either: there will only be 400,000 consoles in the WHOLE OF THE UNITED STATES at launch, with 100,000 in the whole of Japan), it's safe to say the Europeans were pissed.

Game Wars Episode 5: The Wii60 Strikes Back

*cough* On a different note:

Interview with the English voice actor of Princess Elise


"GameSpy: Finally, given that your character in this game is human, and Sonic is an animal, do you think anyone is going to attack the game for promoting bestiality? Because people have said stupider things. Like when they accused Tiny Winky of trying to turn kids gay.

Chabert: Ha! No, you're just being silly. It's not an inappropriate relationship. Let's just say Sonic and Princess Elise have an attraction for each other.


Interesting things worth noting include the confirmation of the alleged love interest between Sonic and Princess Elise, which was rumored around the Sonic community for quite some time now."

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Sonic Next Gen Update

(for you who don't know, "Sonic Next Gen" is really the "Sonic the Hedgehog" video game on the PS3 and Xbox 360 [PC is unconfirmed])

And to think that we got all our info we posted on a 250 - page topic from a couple Gameplay and Teaser Trailers (go down, and there'll be a list, the first trailer is the most recent, see it NOW. NOW, I tell you!) and screenshots.

Well, now, the Japanese site has updated. However, since the site is composed entirely of extremely-hard-to-load-and-time-consuming-Flash, I've taken screenshots for those who don't want to spend at least 3 minutes loading a single "page" (too bad I can't read much Japanese yet):

Main Menu - Notice how it lists the singers of the "background music" in the top right corner. It sounds pretty damn good right now.

Character Menu - See those silouhettes? Well, here's them in order: Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Rouge the Bat, E-123 Omega, PRINCESS BLAZE THE CAT, Doctor Eggman. Yes, Blaze the Cat, the most kickass female Sonic character of Sonic Rush fame, is making a return. Hell yes.

Sonic the Hedgehog 1
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Yes, it's our favorite video game mascot...right? Right? 'cause if you like Mario more, then get the heck off my internet.

Shadow the Hedgehog 1
Shadow the Hedgehog 2
Shadow the Hedgehog 3
Shadow the Hedgehog 4 - Oh, Shadow, how we have NOT missed you. Well, at least after your "return" in Sonic Heroes (return my arse, they killed the real Shadow and put a impersonator in his place - the REAL Shadow wouldn't say "That damn FOURTH Chaos Emerald".).

Silver the Hedgehog 1
Silver the Hedgehog 2
Silver the Hedgehog 3 - Wah, Sega took my fan character's name! Ah well. This guy's got psychic powers, and his quill-style looks a LOT like Yami Bakura's (from Yu-Gi-Oh) hairstyle. Oh, and he's got nice rain boots, too.

Princess Elise 1
Princess Elise 2
Princess Elise 3 - Yes, there's a HUMAN princess Sonic has to save now. What's even better is that a romance relation ship between the princess and Sonic has been hinted at in articles about the game...take THAT, stalker-esque Amy!

Yesh, smexy screenshots. Seriously, though, WATCH THE DANG RECENT TRAILER. It gives you an idea of what the game's about.

Silver's over and out. I still haven't combatted the never-ending-stream of homework I'm getting, sorry mom! :(

...and I SWEAR I'll update every day now. I get enough posting material from the internet now.
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Transparent Wand of Reality

Pirates of the Carribean 2 VS. Superman Returns! FIGHT!!!

(oh, and I know I spelled "caribbean" wrong; I'm just too lazy to change it.)

Ah, two well-known movies that came out in the summer months... One could argue all day about wether Superman Returns or Pirates of the Carribean 2 is better, so I'm going to settle it once and for all, via an EGM-style Grudge Match ('cause I'm cool like that, ya know?). Warning: Spoilers abound, lots of 'em.

Pirates VS. Superman! Match Start!

Round 1:
Main Character (that the movie focuses on)

Pirates of the Carribean 2

Superman Returns

Jack Sparrow

Superman (duh.)

Winner: Tie

Jack Sparrow's a funny, unusual, weird, selfish pirate that's on everybody's bad side. Superman's an alien from outer space. EVERYONE wins!

Round 2:
Main Heroine

Pirates of the Carribean 2

Superman Returns

Elizabeth Swan

Lois Lane

Winner: Superman Returns

Hm, let's see...both are determined, both kick ass, but Lois Lane wins because she isn't a SLUT like Swan is (ok, maybe she is, but she at least ATTEMPTS to be good).

Round 3:
Box-Office S***

Pirates of the Carribean 2

Superman Returns

$35 million

$7.46 million

Winner: Pirates

By a landslide.

Round 4:
Movie Memories

Pirates of the Carribean 2

Superman Returns

Forget key points of the movie a few hours after watching it

Won't shut the hell up about it for days

Winner: Tie

Because no one wants to hear you talk about a movie repeatedly over a span of 3 weeks. (for you people wondering why I didn't let Pirates win on this one: you know a movie's bad when you can't remember the plot about an hour after you watch it.)

Round 5:
Main actor hawtness

Pirates of the Carribean 2

Superman Returns

Johnny Depp

Brandon Routh

Winner: Superman Returns

I don't give a crap about what all you Johnny Depp fangirls say, Brandon's hawtter. Period.

Round 6:
Main Villain

Pirates of the Carribean 2

Superman Returns

Davy Jones

Lex Luthor

Winner: Tie

Davy Jones looks cooler than Lex Luthor, but Lex Luthor is more evil than Davy Jones.

Round 7:

Pirates of the Carribean 2

Superman Returns

Find the chest of Davy Jones, rescue Will Turner, and stuff this plot with Sparrow hi-jinks. Oh, and make it REALLY confusing, while you're at it.

Declare Superman 3 and 4 not canon, the return of Lex Luthor, and a whole lotta side story.

Winner: Superman Returns

A.) Tossing out the plots of the Superman 3 and 4 movies is the best thing EVER and B.) The plot of the first Pirates is better than the second one.

Round 8:
Comic Relief Character

Pirates of the Carribean 2

Superman Returns

Jack Sparrow

Jimmy Olsen

Winner: Pirates

With all the Sparrow hi-jinks in Pirates, it's clearly obvious who's the winner.

Round 9:

Pirates of the Carribean 2

Superman Returns

54% on Rotten Tomatoes

76% on Rotten Tomatoes

Winner: Superman Returns


Round 10:
Special Effects

Pirates of the Carribean 2

Superman Returns

Davy Jones and his crew rock, but the Kraken itself looks so damn fake.

It takes the catchphrase of the first Superman movie "You'll believe a man can fly" to a whole new level. Wait, make that a hundred whole new levels.

Winner: Superman Returns

Not only are the special effects better, but it looks realistic FROM START TO FINISH. *glares at the last part of Pirates with the obviously-fake Kraken*

Round 11:
Supporting characters

Pirates of the Carribean 2

Superman Returns

Jack's crew, most of which appeared from the first movie

Lois Lane, her fiancee, her kid, the people at the Daily Planet...

Winner: Superman Returns

Sure, the supporting crew may not sound as EXCITING as Caribbean's on paper, but wait till you see them act.

Round 12:
Fun Factor

Pirates of the Carribean 2

Superman Returns

Like eating a pint of chocolate ice cream every day; it tastes good at first, but gets old really fast

Like playing a great video game; you'll never wanna take your eyes off the screen

Winner: Superman Returns

Ain't it obvious?

Overall Winner: Superman Returns

Then again, all you people who watched both movies already knew the outcome from the beginning.

For you people who say that Pirates wins, you are easily amused.

And, for the randomness factor:

I'm outta here, I've got some Poke'mon to train. If you see me on Serebii (as Silverevilchao, duh), drop me a line, will ya.
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Transparent Metroid


(insert a ton of cuss words here)

The scene: S.evilchao (me, of course) as Trace, a guy named Zack as Samus, both two stars (meaning, we're both Super Hunters). Plop us in Alinos Gateway, a place with a lot of lava and an Imperialist (Metroid's equivalent of a sniper rifle).

He kills me via Imperialist w/Headshot. I get the Imperialist after respawning, then kill him as Trace's alt from, the Triskelion. He respawns. I, with my great aim, killed him via headshot with the Imperialist. He respawns. I kill him again via headshot. Keep in mind this spans seven minutes, and we're all running around, except myself after I kill him the first time. Seven minute timer is up. Score screen shows, which is quickly cut off by:

"There are not enough players to continue"

Meaning, I don't win and get any rank points. After fighting that guy repeatedly for the sniper ledge and Imperialist, while trying not to get pwned, and killing him 3 times.

Cheap little bastard. Hey, if *I* can lose spactacularly without disconnecting (I've been killed SEVEN times in a row before in 2-player match [seven points is the default maximum]), YOU can, too.

Seriously, turning off the DS because you're too much of a bad sport to take the loss makes you a REAL loser. You see, I admire people who lose to me and don't disconnect, and then I'll look forward to playing them again some other time, wether it's in a 2-player match or a 4-player match. Pathetic idiots who disconnect should have their DSs and their internet connection thrown in the toilet and flushed.
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